Aug 18

Stanlib Sale

Ditikeni’s finances have been transformed by the sale of our 1.625% stake in Stanlib Asset Management for cash. The sale arose from the acquisition by Liberty Group of the shares it did not alread own in Stanlib, a move intended to strengthen its position in the asset management market.

Ditikeni was consequently able to make its first distribution to shareholders in 2007, amounting to a 20% distribution on their original capital. This distribution will be repeated every year, economic conditions permitting, and will grow over time as more investments are realised.

Shareholders have also received a return of capital, with the balance of the Stanlib proceeds being dedicated to working capital and new investments.

Ditikeni’s shareholders are now seeing the fruits of their initial R2.8 million investment, with a sustainable 20% distribution coming through each year, and full return of their initial investment.