Mqanduli Community Advice Office

Posted on Jul 26, 2021 in News

“We help the people who come from rural villages around Mqanduli (in the former Transkei). We intervene when they are unfairly treated by officials …. and we also run community outreach workshops to educate people on the ground on how to fight for their right to good services,” writes Clarence Xiniwe about the work done […]

Ditikeni In Conversation – Annual Report 2020/2021

Posted on Jul 21, 2021 in News

Ditikeni has published its latest annual report, for the 2020/2021 financial year. We spoke to the chairperson of the Ditikeni Board of Directors Sahra Ryklief about the past year and asked if she had a message for their shareholder NGOs and NPOs. You can listen to the interview here, or download the annual report here.

Port St Johns Legal Advice Centre

Posted on Jul 19, 2021 in News

The Port St Johns Legal Advice Centre in the Eastern Cape focus their time on two challenges that face local communities – gender based violence, and the hunger that has been brought about by the pandemic. In this story below, they talk about their work and how they use community radio and social media to […]

Meet our Directors: Brigitte Borgches

Posted on Jul 15, 2021 in News

Brigitte Borgches is the Finance and Operations Manager for The Black Sash Trust, a shareholder organization of Ditikeni Investment Company. She is also a Director of the Ditikeni Investment Company Limited, and a trustee for The Ditikeni Trust.  We sat down with her, to ask her a couple of questions. Q: How long have you […]

Masiphakameni Local Development Agency

Posted on Jul 12, 2021 in News

Our story of inspiration today takes us to the Eastern Cape. Here we find the Masiphakameni Local Development Agency, a team that provides paralegal support and awareness around farm workers’ rights. When the pandemic started, they responded by distributing meals, masks, PPE and gloves to people in need. The Agency draws support from our shareholder […]

SCAT and how they approach the support of communities

Posted on Jul 8, 2021 in News

We regularly share stories of the great work done by the various organizations that draw their support from our shareholder, the Social Change Assistance Trust. Did you know that SCAT is an intermediary grant maker which means that they straddle the world between being a fundraiser and a funder? They mostly raise funds to support […]

Ditikeni In Conversation – Western Cape Association for Persons with Disabilities

Posted on Jul 7, 2021 in News

In the latest episode of our podcast series “Ditikeni In Conversation”, we speak to Erica du Toit from the Western Cape Association for Persons with Disabilities. She talks about the challenges they have encountered as an NPO during the pandemic, and what their biggest goals are for the rest of the year. Erica also explains […]

Reinstate the Covid-19 SRD Grant, says Black Sash

Posted on Jul 2, 2021 in News

Our shareholder, The Black Sash Trust, has issued a media release this week in which it calls for the immediate reinstatement of the Covid-19 SRD Grant until permanent Basic Income Support is phased in for those aged 18 to 59 years with little to no income. You can read their full release below. Black Sash […]

Financial Results for 2020/2021

Posted on Jun 30, 2021 in News

Ditikeni’s financial results for the 2021 financial year were in many respects significantly lower than in the 2020 financial year. Revenue was down 45.5% and total comprehensive income down 43.8%. The results were affected by three main factors: (i) FY2020 was an exceptionally good year which was hard to match let alone beat, particularly as […]

Herschel Legal Advice Centre

Posted on Jun 24, 2021 in News

Hunger and the fight for food is a key focus area for the Herschel Legal Advice Centre. With the support of our shareholder the Social Change Assistance Trust, they have been assisting resident of the Joe Gcabi Municipality since 1999. Learn more about their work here, or download the latest edition of Rural Voice at […]