Apr 01

R10m distribution to Ditikeni beneficiaries

The board of Directors of Ditikeni declared a distribution to beneficiaries amounting to R10 million, when it met in February. This was paid by the end of February to our 14 beneficiaries.

The ordinary distribution was R1.56 per unit, and the special distribution was R2.00 per unit, for a total of R3.56 per unit. Ditikeni describes the ordinary distribution as the amount which the board considers to be sustainable under reasonable conditions into the future, but the special cannot be relied upon to be repeated.

This brings total distributions to date to R63.9 million from an initial investment of just R2.8 million. We are pleased to say that we have increased the ordinary distribution by 20% for the eighth year in a row.

This money will be used by our beneficiaries to carry out their important development work in our poorest, rural communities.