Aug 18

NGOs hit the jackpot

home2 “I come here cap in hand in appreciation of the work done by Ditikeni”, said Minister Trevor Manuel, at a celebration held for 19 NGOs who have ‘hit the jackpot’ with their investment in Ditikeni, the broad-based empowerment investment company.

Thanks to the sale of its investment in Stanlib Asset Management, Ditikeni has paid dividends to the 19 NGOs amounting to over R4 million.

“We must appreciate the hard role played by Ditikeni,” said Manuel, “to break the mould and go down the untravelled paths of the country. Ditikeni and the NGOs are the real heroes. We need to get back to the core values set out in the RDP in 1994. Reconstruction and development needs to be people centred and people driven, combining growth with development,” he said.

“NGOs play an important role in building the social capital vital for the future of South Africa,” said Manuel.