Sep 22

Meet our Directors: Reuben Denge

We continue our series of interviews with the Directors of the Ditikeni Investment Company, and today we introduce Reuben Dengeyou to Mr Reuben Denge. Reuben has been a part of the organisation since its inception. He sat down for an interview with us recently, to answer a couple of our questions.


What is your role within the organisation?

As a Director within Ditikeni, one of my mandates is to assist in furthering the development of NGOs and NPOs so that they are economically empowered.

It’s a fact that NGOs and NPOs globally face a number of challenges particularly with getting funding, which is why Ditikeni needs to ensure that they continue to support these NGOs and NPOs so that they ultimately reach a point of self-reliance.


What is the role that NPOs and NGOs play in South Africa, and how does Ditikeni support this work?

NPOs and NGOs assist in building healthy communities, as often leaders of non-profit making organisations are the voice of the people that they serve. With South Africa being a developing country, NPOs and NGOs play an essential role in empowering our economy.

Ditikeni invests largely in contributing to a number of NGOs through upliftment programmes in poor and vulnerable South African communities.

With reference to the 2021 annual report, Ditikeni increased its ordinary distribution paid to its shareholders by 20%, which is formidable given the year that we have had.


What is your wish for the brave men and women who work in the NGO sector?

I would firstly like to thank the brave men and women who continue to significantly contribute to the NGO sector. My wish for them is to continue making an impact in their communities and in the economy. I hope that NGOs and NPOs continue to represent the poorest of the poor and also to speak on behalf of the voiceless communities.


Thank you for your time.