May 20

Great news for broad based BEE vehicles

The Minister of Trade and Industry issued a Practice Note in the Government Gazette this week clarifying the position of broad-based BEE vehicles like Ditikeni. Our Board Chair, Sarah Ryklief, responded to say that she was very pleased with the note.

This will surely put to rest any reservations about the status of genuine broad based entities such as Ditikeni. I am sure our investment partners and potential partners will also welcome this clarity. We are grateful to both the Minister and the Department itself for their progressive response on this matter,” she says.

Her comments form part of a response issued by The Collective of Broad-Based entities, which includes Kagiso Trust. Mineworkers Investment Company, WDB and Wiphold, as well as Ditikeni,, who all welcomed the Practice Note.

Now we can all move forward with our important work – financial sustainability for NGOs,” says Ryklief.

You can read the full press release here, as well as the Practice Note as it appeared in the Government Gazette this week.