Jan 20

Gender-based violence helpdesk relaunched

Gender-based violence has earned itself the moniker of South Africa’s “second pandemic”. A few years ago, our shareholder Advance Call helped set up a call centre for victims of GBV which in 2020 (when the pandemic arrived) saw its number of valid calls for help almost double.

This Centre was set up on behalf of the Department of Social Development; they have now taken over its day-to-day operation.  The GBV call centre offers counselling and other helpful information to victims and was relaunched at the end of 2020.

Call them on 0800 428 428 or SMS “help” to 31531. Please share these contact details with anyone in your circles that might need their help.

You can read more about the relaunch of the call centre in this story published by IOL News or you can watch this video story that was broadcast by the SABC.