Nov 30

30 November 2004

Bandi Biko joins broad-based empowerment vehicle Ditikeni

Bandi Biko, a leading proponent of community development, has joined the board of Ditikeni Investment Company, the pioneering broad-based empowerment vehicle that provides financial sustainability to non-government organisations (NGOs).

Biko, who has been involved extensively over the past two decades in community development work with NGOs and the Independent Development Trust parastatal, has been appointed a non-executive director of Ditikeni. She is also a director of Training at the Social Change Assistance Trust (SCAT).

Passionate about working for the underprivileged, her main focus has been in the establishing and funding of early childhood development programmes in South Africa, including the training of pre-school personnel.

“This is more of a calling than a job. I started caring for those less fortunate when I was still at school and I like to make people believe in themselves and their abilities. My task is to show them what opportunities exist and how to access the resources they need to develop their lives.

“Joining Ditikeni and serving on its board is another form of doing just that. The beneficiaries of the investments are the same rural and underprivileged people I care so much about. This is true black economic empowerment that will benefit the rural poor -especially women and young people.

Biko, sister of the late Steve Biko, the black consciousness activist, said she hoped that her presence would add value to Ditikeni.

“I hope that my presence on the Ditikeni board will reflect the seriousness of my confidence in its broad-based investment model, and the aims of its directors and its shareholders. I also hope and pray that the private sector will take interest in Ditikeni and help us achieve our dreams.”

Ditikeni represents credible BEE shareholders with strong links to government and broad-based economic empowerment. Its 23 shareholders, all NGOs, include The Black Sash Trust, Social Change Assistance Trust, Labour Research Service, the South African Council of Churches and NICRO.

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