Need a BEE Partner?

Need a BEE Partner?

With Ditikeni as a shareholder, your company can score the maximum ownership points available under the BEE Codes.

Ditikeni is       100% black-owned

                         30.84% black women-owned

                         98.12% owned by new entrants

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Extra points can be added by appointing one of Ditikeni’s nominees to your board. We have a panel of experienced persons who have made themselves available as Ditikeni board nominees.

Ditikeni currently has 15 investments in its BEE portfolio, where our stake ranges from less than 1% to 100%. We have, for over twenty years, made more than thirty investments in all, giving us plenty of experience in the business of evaluating, negotiating and executing share transactions. The Internal Rate of Return to Ditikeni shareholders is 28.5% p.a. since inception.

For companies looking for new BEE partners, Ditikeni has several model structures which are tried and tested, and available for use in specific circumstances. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel when you select Ditikeni as a preferred bidder. We have cash available for making investments that pass our tests.

Ditikeni aims for high investment returns over the long-term. We believe this objective will be met where we identify strong management teams in companies with good growth prospects. In return we offer exceptional broad-based BEE credentials, and above that we just try to be a good shareholder. Our style is to support management in reaching their strategic objectives.

What don’t we invest in? Gambling and armaments are absolutely excluded but otherwise there is no sectoral focus. We consider social and environmental issues but more in the spirit of involvement than exclusion. We avoid start-ups, early-stage and rescue situations.

If you would like to discuss a potential role for Ditikeni as a beneficiary in your company, please contact our Investment Advisor, Gordon Young, who may be reached at

email                 :

Cellphone        :  082 928 0028