Welcome to the Ditikeni group website. Ditikeni is a broad-based Black Economic Empowerment investment holding company with a thirteen-year track record of acquiring investments and distributing the profits to our beneficiaries.

This website should give you most of the information you need to understand Ditikeni but if you need more, we’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss what Ditikeni can do for your company. (Go to Contact for details.)

Ditikeni is a 100% broad-based investment holding company. With our broad-based credentials, we’ve become proud partners to 23 companies in the ten years since foundation in 1999.

  • Ditikeni’s 18 shareholders are all non-profit organisations.

  • Our shareholders work in over 200 poor, black communities nation-wide.

  • Over 2 million beneficiaries, located in every province.

  • Certified fully BEE-owned and -controlled, Ditikeni offers the maximum ownership points under the BEE Codes.

The Ditikeni group was formed in 1999 by a number of non-profit organisations seeking financial sustainability. They aimed to participate in Black Economic Empowerment in order to create a capital base to fund their community development and welfare work. By the way, “ditikeni” is tshiVenda for “something to lean on” signifying our aim of financial sustainability for NGOs.

Ditikeni has made 23 investments in the past ten years and retains seventeen. Our aim to build up a capital base has succeeded to the point that Ditikeni now pays an annual distribution to shareholders. Over R13 million has been distributed to shareholders to date.

The NGOs which make up Ditikeni originally contributed R2.8 million from their own resources to fund Ditikeni’s working capital. This was repaid in 2007. A share costing R1 originally is now worth over R48 at tangible Net Asset Value.

The Ditikeni group consists of:

  • Ditikeni Investment Company Limited, a public company, at the heart of the group

  • Ditikeni Trust, a parallel registered vesting trust which has undertaken certain transactions where a trust was required. Ditikeni Trust has the same beneficiaries and trustees as the shareholders and directors of Ditikeni Investment Company.

  • Ditikeni Empowerment Advisors, a division of the company, provides corporate advisory services to clients. 

Ditikeni group is audited annually by Nolands and maintains high levels of corporate governance. See our annual reports for more information. Ditikeni has been certified by a registered ratings agency, Honeycomb Ratings.

Ditikeni’s empowerment profile is :

Black-owned 98%

Black woman owned 62%

New entrants 98%

Broad Based 94%